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Steinberg Virtual Guitarist

Steinberg Virtual Guitarist | 1.7GB

A perfect rhythm guitarist who plays both acoustic and electric guitar, including all keys and difficult chords, who never gets impatient, follows the tempo of your song, sounds better, always plays 100% tight, is always completely in tune and who doesn't need to set up his equipment or be miked up, and integrates perfectly into your VST system....

Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition
Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition
Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition | 998 MB

Program Virtual Guitarist "Electric Edition" contains only sampled electric guitars, but has an additional module format with a set of VST effects (Wah, AutoFilter, Chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, Delay, Reverb), which can be used separately. There are 29 performers, representing different styles (from 50-ies to modern), guitars and amplifiers....


Steinberg Products Collection (Update Dec 2012) | 41.3 GB

More then 30 products by Steinberg. Steinberg has been providing award-winning, technologically advanced music and media production products for musicians and producers of music, video and film since 1984. Today, Steinberg is one of the world's largest manufacturers of audio software and hardware, with more than 1.5 million users worldwide. Check the list to find which one you missed. List:...

bismark bs 16 VSTi v4.0.5
bismark bs 16 VSTi v4.0.5-ASSiGN | 4.5MB

bs-16 is a multitimbral software playback sampler for Steinberg VST 2.4, and Apple Audio Units plug-in format. You can play all SoundFont 2 files for Creative Sound Blaster series, and DLS (Downloadable Sounds) files on your host application. bs-16 supports Mac OS X and Windows....

Steinberg virtual bassis

Steinberg virtual bassis | 579 MB

Using dynamic phrases based on real performances by top studio bass players in 30 styles, Virtual Bassist covers almost every conceivable music genre, delivering top class bass sounds and phrases for rock, pop, reggae, metal and hip hop to name just a few. Playing Virtual Bassist is just as easy as playing the keys on your MIDI keyboard: each style contains 2 octaves of phrases of varying complexity and fills.The innovative GrooveMatch Technology allows users to mould the Virtual Bassist bass line performance to existing drum grooves either by flexibly editing notes or shifting the overall groove of any phrase. Owners of Groove Agent, Virtual Guitarist or Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition will find pre-matched grooves for phrases and patterns in those instruments, creating a tightly integrated drum, bass and guitar rhythm section. Virtual Bassist comes with a full range of outstanding sound-shaping features, including six high-quality virtual stomp box efects optimized for bass guitar, a choice of tube or solidate amp head, bass cabinets and microphones as well as mic positioning options to build ideal bass guitar parts. The included effects can also be used on any other audio channel in music production environments such as Steinberg s Cubase SX3....

Steinberg Hypersonic VSTi DXi 2.0 INTERNAL - AiRISO|1.28GB

Due to massive popular demand we completely reworked our old driver based dongle emulator to work together with our new SynsoEmu, we removed the driver and made it dll-based. All releases have been rebuild, repacked, updated and made compatible to run on modern operating systems like Windows Vista/Seven After 10 years of SyncroSoft ownage it's time we move on ... We hope you enjoy this final RETRO summer release . Steinberg's ultra versatile Music Workstation Hypersonic 2 contains thousands of top-drawer sounds in a package programmed to spare resources. Boasting four extraordinary sound engines, 1.7 GB of high-quality samples, and 1,800 jaw-dropping factory presets, Hypersonic 2 offers an all but inexhaustible pool of sounds, effects and instruments. Sensational sound quality and intuitive playability and handling make this virtual Music Workstation a flexible tool equally well-suited for almost every style and genre of music....

EastWest Vapor Virtual Synth 1.0 VSTi DXi AU HYBRiD DVDR

EastWest Vapor Virtual Synth 1.0 VSTi DXi AU HYBRiD DVDR | 2.41 GB]

All waveforms are "original material", and not some “knocked off” samples from the latest keyboard to hit the stores. Various methods such as vocoding, phase vocoding, granular synthesis, convolution, waveshaping, spectral resynthesis, and other traditional synthesis methods were employed to create the VAPOR waveset. For the sonically adventureous, many sound shaping tools have been built into the interface. Powerful multi-mode filters, envelopes, and LFOs give a wealth of creative possibilities. These sounds take advantage of LFO sync at different intervals, so try different tempos and offsets to hear what is possible....

Tone2 VSTi AU Pack 15-01-2012 WIN & MAC OSX UB-DOA
Tone2 VSTi AU Pack 15-01-2012 WIN & MAC OSX UB-DOA


Steinberg WaveLab LE v7.2.1 Build 600 MacOSX
Steinberg WaveLab LE v7.2.1 Build 600 MacOSX | 182 MB

WaveLab 7 is one of the most powerful and versatile audio editing and processing applications on the market today and combines the facilities of many other products within one, intuitive, flexible application....

Adrian Ingram - Jazz For The Electric Blues Guitarist (2005)

Adrian Ingram - Jazz For The Electric Blues Guitarist (2005)
DVD5 | MPEG2 @ 8 Mbit/s | 720x576 | AC3 Stereo @ 192 Kbit/s 48 KHz | 76 min | 4.19 GB...